About The Author

Bill and MichaelBill Shields is Michael’s brother, friend and scribe on their journey of fifty-six and a half years. He is the guide mapping out the treasures locked within the amazing life of Michael Christopher Shields.

Bill and his wife, Susan of 47 years, reside in Jacksonville Florida. They are the proud parents of 4 grown and married sons. Bill and Susan live busy lives interacting with their 16 grandchildren and participating in the Diocesan Marriage Renewal program in the Dioceses of St. Augustine, Florida.

Since they moved to Florida in 1974, Michael spent his summer vacations in Jacksonville throughout his uninterrupted employment of 33 years at Villanova University, until he retired. During these unforgettable summer vacations their sons, Bill., Brian, David and Daniel interacted with their Uncle Michael creating a bond which allowed Michael to be totally included as part of his Florida family. Annually the family planned activities, exploits and unimaginable adventures filling Michael’s life with joy and a sense of accomplishment. Michael returned home from his vacations with his batteries recharged, as if he received a vitamin B12 shot.

As their sons matured, married and had families of their own the tradition of including Michael became part of their families as well. For Bill and Susan, witnessing these occurrences of unconditional acceptance, by their sons and their sons’ wives, being echoed by their children, the next generation, was a heartwarming realization. The love Bill and Susan have for Bill’s brother had been absorbed by their family and passed on. Truly, love isn’t love until it is passed on, and they had the gift of witnessing the exchange being lived out.

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